Interview Questions

28a (3).jpg - Fran Sorin- headshot

1. How can “black thumb” gardeners use gardening as a tool for gaining self-confidence and embracing their inner “green thumb?”

2. How can over-achievers use gardening to learn to “let go?”

3. What tips can you offer parents to help them get their kids to spend more time in nature and learn to enjoy gardening?

4. What benefits can someone get from gardening, if they can only spend 30 minutes a day or less doing it?

5. What are the 7 warning signs that you’re not living the life you’re meant to?

6. How does gardening counteract the profound disconnection that so many folks are feeling today?

7. What lessons do individuals learn in the garden that they can use in other areas of their life?

8. What is the secret sauce that your 7 Stages of Creative Awakening offers to people (with its focus on working from the inside out) that helps them design more creative gardens and lives?

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