Are you searching for an uplifting and invigorating speaker for your event?

Are you looking for a speaker who can empathize with individuals who feel stuck in a rut in their every day lives and at the same time has the ability to motivate them in taking the next steps towards breaking free and living a more authentic, meaningful life?

I’m Fran Sorin, an author, garden and creativity expert, and deep ecologist. I’m also a veteran of the media—as a media trainer, broadcaster, journalist, celebrity spokesperson, and inspirational speaker. I’ve trained top managers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, senators, and a U.S. presidential candidate on how to deal with the media in a compelling, effective, and authentic manner.

I have appeared on several dozen television shows, including The Today Show, ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, HGTV, and DIY. I have been a CBS Radio News correspondent for the past 10 years and hosted a weekly call-in gardening radio talk show for several years on the BigTalker1210AM in Philadelphia.

My book, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, was groundbreaking when published in 2004. It was the first book to address gardening in the context of creativity and as a tool for well-being and personal transformation. The updated 10th Anniversary Edition is even more vital today, because our culture has become increasingly obsessed with technology and progressively more nature deprived.

For several years, I’ve led workshops and coached individuals who are searching for more meaning, creativity, and joy in their lives.

I speak on topics related to creativity, connection, gardening, self-confidence, letting go of control, and living authentically and joyfully. I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.

Whether giving a keynote address at an art museum event, designing a day-long workshop for the mid-level executives of a major corporation, creating a weekend workshop for women who want to access more of their creative selves, or giving a presentation at standing-room only gardening venues, my knowledge of and passion for the subjects I discuss guarantee a home run.

Keep in mind that I can give a keynote, or a half or full-day workshop.


What You Can Expect From Me

A prompt reply to your query.

A personal consultation with me prior to the event to discuss how I can best meet the needs of your group.

An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels.

A professionally prepared talk or workshop specifically crafted to focus on what you want to achieve with your audience.

A custom resource page, created exclusively for your attendees.

A quick follow- up communication after the event to make sure that I met your expectations.


Most Requested Topics

Personal Development

  • Fran’s Insider Secrets on How to Live Creatively Every Day
  • 7 Warning Signs that You’re Not Living the Life You’re Meant To—And What You Can Do About It
  •  How Mindfulness Can Transform an Ordinary Day into an Extraordinary One
  •  The Art of Slow Living: How to Create a Life Filled with Beauty and Joy
  •  Joy Is The New Success: How To Get It and Keep It


  • How Gardening and Being In Nature are Essential Tools for Your Well-Being
  • How Gardening Can Help Over-Achievers Learn to Let Go
  • How to Create the Garden—and Life—You’ve  Always Dreamt Of: The 7 Stages of Creative Awakening
  • Playing With Flowers: How This Simple Exercise Is a Powerful Tool for Unleashing Your Imagination and Playfulness In the Garden…and Life


  • How To Use Gardening As A Gateway to Spirituality
  • Spirituality Is Not An Act: It’s A State of Being
  • How Being In Nature Can Help You Let Go of Control and Access Your Spirituality


Speaking Engagements

Philadelphia Flower Show, March 5 at 3pm

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show, March 6 at 2pm and March 7 at 12 noon

Chicago Flower Show, March 17 at 12:30pm

San Francisco Flower Show, March 20 at 2pm


Recent Testimonials

“I am grateful for Fran’s expertise in facilitation. She led our diverse group of women through the terrain of the day without forcing the pace. I believe we each approached the day with a distinct relationship to nature and to our own therapeutic practices. I gathered little bits of knowledge, inspiration and skill according to my needs and it was a blessing to feel ‘heard’ and ‘seen’ all the way through.” Participant in Expressive Arts Therapy Summit in NYC, November 2014


” From the very moment that the session began, an atmosphere of mutual respect and regard, open sharing, and living/breathing life brought on by the many plants in the room was born.

Fran had the competency and sensitivity needed to foster such a delicate process.

Creating the edible container gardens as a group was a unique and powerful experience. We had many plants to choose from and were encouraged to jump in and create our gardens without too much instruction. This freedom made it possible to experience the process on a deeper level, as each member approached the container differently.

I would absolutely recommend this workshop for therapists, gardeners, and humans alike! The process of gardening, particularly when guided by a therapeutic professional, has the power to open one’s eyes and hearts to the joys of creation. Topics of life and death, nurturing and destruction, acceptance and denial, self efficacy and inadequacy, and so much more, emerge naturally within this process. I am thankful to have had the group experience and am inspired to pursue horticulture therapy in my own practice as a result.” Participant in Expressive Arts Therapy Summit in NYC, November2014


“The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has been delighted to host Fran Sorin as a speaker at its prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show. She has delighted audiences, in large lecture hall as well as intimate “studio” venues, with her bubbly personality and natural creativity projecting onto the avid listeners. How apt that her topic should be related to her well-known book, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening. Following her presentations, inspired gardeners have queued up to have Fran sign copies of her book, each fan feeling empowered to unleash his/her innate creative self. No wonder she has been asked to present once again at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2015! “ Barley Van Clief, Manager, Gardener’s Studio, PHS Philadelphia Flower Show


For Event Booking Info
Email: Fran@FranSorin.com
Phone: 215-687-4732