Digging Deep Reviews

Fran Sorin knows how gardening takes root in the soul. Her book abounds with inspiring stories and activities to get you into the garden and to get the most out of it. Whether you’re a beginner or a lifetime gardener, you’ll find much to celebrate in Digging Deep.” Priscilla Totten, Senior Editor, USA Weekend Magazine

“Sorin doesn’t start her text with questions about what kind of soil you have, or whether your garden enjoys eastern sunshine. She begins with unexpected musings such as the nature of the reader’s creative life. Can you cook? She asks. Did you design your wardrobe in an interesting way? Sorin sees the garden as an extension of the gardener, and Digging Deep is devoted to coaxing the unique statement out of the person, not the soil. As such, it is more a self-help book than gardening text.” Retha Oliver for San Antonio Express-News

“If I were categorizing this book, I’d invent the term garden therapy. Sorin wants to help gardeners (including indoor gardeners) think about their gardening wants and needs, while understanding and accepting the limitations imposed by their garden spaces. Though the chapters include instruction on actual plant cultivation, the reason to read Digging Deep is for its lessons in creativity. Your garden is a perfect place to imagine, explore, play, work, risk, share, and celebrate.” Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Staff Pick 

“From wishing and hoping to weeding and hoeing, Sorin enthusiastically guides gardeners every step of the way, helping them to learn how to make choices and sharpen skills, celebrate successes, and embrace changes from a more creative perspective.”
Carol Haggas for The American Library Association

“Sorin views gardening as the perfect place to begin one’s creative reawakening.” Booklist Reviews

“This book is not just another step by step garden design book. It is a fascinating look into the mental and psychological processes of garden design. Fran works to awaken and inspire the gardener to design a personal and unique garden that has meaning to its owner. The book is broken up into seven design stages. Fran says these techniques can be used to unleash creativity and that gardening empowers us to go on to be successful in other parts of our lives. If you’re interested in jump-starting your creativity to help you plan and make a unique garden that reflects your personal style, you should have a copy of Digging Deep on your bookshelves.” Katelyn Thomas for BellaOnline.com

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