AndrewWeil“Digging Deep teaches the art of living creatively—from envision and creating the garden of your dreams to cultivating and embodying more imagination, passion, and play in your daily life. A profound and inspiring book.” ~ Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Happiness



“This book has heaven’s kiss of inspiration upon it! Fran Sorin is a muse, revealing how the art of BeckwithBWphotogardening powerfully activates the creative force within, invigorating and unifying us in body, mind, and spirit.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning



LarryHome2“Gardening civilizes us, heals us, inspires us. Fran Sorin, in this wonderful book, shows the way.” ~ Larry Dossey, M.D., author of One Mind




“Captivating and enchanting! Fran Sorin understands that a garden should be a playground for our amy_stewart imaginations, and a place that is as lively, entertaining, and ever-changing as our own creative spark. A must-read for anyone who wishes to find themselves in the garden—and for everyone who didn’t know they could.” ~ Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist



images.jpg-Guy Finley“The garden is where any and all who are willing to be an apprentice to nature’s mysteries can learn not just the secrets of the earth… but of them- selves, as well. To gain this true self-knowledge, all that’s required is Digging Deep. Thanks to Fran Sorin for reminding us of this essential spiritual instruction.” ~ Guy Finley, author of The Secret of Letting Go



“Digging Deep is a gardening bible for the disbeliever—a gentle and inspiring guide to the spiritual journey awaiting you in your own backyard. Sorin tells anyone who has ever attempted, abandoned or avoided gardening exactly how and where to start. Beautiful, helpful, and wise.” ~ Karen Maezen Miller, author of Paradise in Plain Sight



“Digging Deep strikes a deep chord about the sacred act of gardening and humankind’s primal need to get our hands in the earth and connect with nature. For Fran Sorin, gardening is a playful ritual that transcends our normal consciousness—it’s pure rapture and a profound tool for creating meaning and beauty. Digging Deep is a spiritual treasure.” ~ Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., author of Eager to Love



“Fran Sorin is a philosopher-gardener whose love for plants and people shines through every page. Digging Deep is a lens that gives a fresh look at the art of growing things. By connecting gardening with what is most fundamental in our own lives, she shows how it is a creative pursuit that nourishes body and soul.” ~ Debra Lee Baldwin, author of Designing with Succulents

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