Trust Your Instincts

If you’re one of those folks who thinks that having intuition is something that is gifted to the special few, you’re wrong.

All of us are hardwired with intuition. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to survive as a species as long as we have.

If you believe you’re lacking in intuitive ability, it’s time to put that story line to rest.

You’re not! You just need to learn and develop some intuition muscles.

Here are 9 Tips On Trusting Your Instincts that I’ve practiced over the years. Following these tips recently helped me make a critical decision on how to treat one of my dog’s that was diagnosed with cancer (see story below).

1. Learn to believe in your intuitive ability. Even if you have no idea what ‘following your intuition or instincts’ means, remind yourself daily that you are innately intuitive. And if you don’t believe that you are? Continue to tell yourself that you are- regardless. Stand in front of the mirror and say ‘I am innately intuitive. I am going to learn how to use my intuition in order to lead a joyful, authentic life. I am going to develop good instincts.

2. Be on the lookout for feelings that might have passed by before–especially when you’re in the decision making mode. It could be an every day decision like whether you should let you daughter have a sleep over when she has soccer practice the next morning. Or it could be a decision with more long lasting consequences like a career move or something to do with a friendship in jeopardy. Do everything possible not to immediately jump to a quick, reflexive decision.

3. Listen to and get to know your intuitive voice. Let your ‘still small voice’ come out of the cave where it was hiding. Don’t try to wipe under the rug. To the contrary- leave it out in plain view and let it  dance, romp, and find a space inside of you where it will always be free to have its voice heard.

4. Meditate– Sometimes it’s crystal clear within a few minutes or hours what decision is the best one for a particular scenario. But most times, it’s not. That’s when meditation is extremely useful. Sit quietly, with no interruptions: Take some deep breaths and meditate. Clear your head of any decision making  or chattiness. When thoughts erupt, let them pass through, and take yourself back to a place of quiet and emptiness.

5. Set Your Intention – Put your dilemma out  to  the universe and ask for help. And then be quiet and listen. You may not get an answer immediately. It may happen after a good night’s sleep, a few days later, or even a week.

6. Be Patient– If you’re intent on really listening in to your authentic voice, patience is a ‘must’. The alternative is doing what you’ve always done- jump to a conclusion quickly- which often leaves you emotionally bankrupt.

7. Follow what your intuition tells you to do- Ok- so you’ve done all of this work to access and begin to work your intuition muscle. But if you don’t actually do what your intuition advises you to do, this entire exercise has been moot. Trust me, your logical voice is going to try to sabotage you into doing what you’ve always done- don’t let it.

8. Give your intuitive voice the respect it deserves. It’s easy to short change your intuition as something silly, unimportant, or a momentary relapse. It’s not. Your intuitive voice is the essence of who you are- it is where your wise self resides. Remind yourself of this every day.

8. Repeat Steps 1-8 every day. Habits don’t change overnight. Practice consistently in order to permanently change from deferring to your conventional wisdom/logical voice to giving your intuitive voice the respect it deserves.

I want to share a personal story with you on how following my intuition may have saved my dog’s life.  It’s about my youngest pup, Jacob. who was diagnosed with a tumor near his bladder last spring. When the doctor said that he needed to be operated on and have the tumor removed, without thinking, I complied. Well, not only was the tumor malignant but because the surgery was tricky (they told me this after the fact), Jacob was hospitalized for over 2 weeks – and nearly died.

When the veterinarian later told me on the phone that Jacob MUST have chemotherapy as soon as possible, I felt a pang of fear but also experience a lot of discomfort swelling up inside of me. My scared, conventional voice was silently screaming: “Of course, of course, I’ll do anything to save him”. Yet, at the same time, there was another internal voice countering with “Why would you do that to this little guy? He almost died once. Chemo will kill him”.

After much deliberation, reading, and talking with friends who are into Mind-Body medicine, I made the decision NOT to put Jacob on chemo. Rather, I started him on an all natural diet of fresh foods – chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, and apples- along with spirulina and turmeric. If I hadn’t had the guidance from my dog sitter, Stan Ravinsky, I’m not sure if I would have had the courage to take this route. But with his support, knowledge, and optimism–along with my family’s – I proceeded with an alternative therapy

When I went to Philadelphia for two and a half months this past spring and summer, I received news from Stan about how wonderful Jacob and his sister, Molly, were doing. While there, I was able to find a source for legal cannabis capsules for Jacob as well as some alternative herbal remedies for Molly- who has Cushings Disease – and was on some expensive drugs that made her very drowsy.

For awhile, Jacob did have blood in his urine, and then it even progressed to blood clots. Rather than using the old paradigm of “OMG’, I better do something quick- he’s getting worse”, I told myself not to place a judgment on what was happening inside of Jacob’s body and to just remain positive and treat him like I always have.

The miracle? Over the past few weeks, the blood in Jacob’s urine has decreased by about 75%. Does it mean that he is healthy and cancer free? I don’t know. But some physical changes are taking place in this little guy’s system…and they appear to be extremely positive.

Follow Your Instincts

Jacob on sofa hanging out

Why am I choosing to share this story with you? First, because I’m happy. But as importantly is that regardless of the outcome from this point on, I’ve already won big time by following my instincts. I now have a dog, who 4 months ago was on the verge of death, who now appears healthy, hungry, vibrant- and with no chemo. infiltrating his body.

I’d say that’s pretty darn good news. Don’t you think so?


I’d love to hear your story about how following your instincts at one time in your life has made an impact on you!

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