What Do You Want?

Connecting With Others Offers A Sense of Well-Being

 What do you want?

Do you spend time thinking about it?

There’s nothing wrong in wanting an abundance of money and materialistic things. But it becomes problematic when you think that financial success or a job with status will bring you happiness.

It’s problematic when you follow the formula that our culture has brainwashed most of us into believing –  that getting excellent grades, attending a good college, acquiring a well paying job, buying the house and cars, getting married, etc. – BELIEVING that if if you just do this (which takes a Herculean sustained effort), that you will be assured to live the life of your dreams.

That is rarely the case.

Because the truth is this.

We want something much more.

We want to be happy.

We want to be loved.

We want to experience joy and rapture.

We want to be connected – to ourselves, others, community, nature, and spirit.

We want kindness and generosity.

We want to make meaning out of our lives.

We want to feel that our presence on this earth will be remembered by others after we’re no longer around.

We want to dream. And we want to live our dreams.

And as or more importantly, we want to open to possibilities. So many of us have lost the tools for imagining.

We want to feel empowered.

We want inner peace and well-being.

We want guidance.

We want to get off the treadmill of constantly searching and looking for what it is that is going to enable us to live with a sense of excitement, discovery, and richness.

We want to get unstuck and stop asking ‘Is this all there is to life?’

If some of what I’ve written has hit a chord with you, I have a suggestion.

Take a pen and paper and reflect – just a few minutes each day- on what it is you want. Whatever comes to your mind, write it down. It doesn’t matter what it is. But make sure your daily list includes at least 5 things.

Do this for 2 weeks and then spend time going over your list. It can offer you some good insight into yourself.

After you’ve done this practice for a few days, I’d love to hear from you what you’re discovering about yourself!

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