Key To Connecting With Others

Don’t count the number of close relationships you have, count the quality of them.

Don’t talk on automatic pilot. Focus in and listen.

Don’t always offer your opinion. Try asking more questions. Or be silent.

Don’t tell someone else that you know how they’re feeling. You don’t. Just be empathetic.

Don’t ask generic questions. Show a real interest in the other person. Which means that you actually have to ask some personal questions. If you don’t know how to do that, start making a list of ‘questions to ask’.

Don’t grandstand and pretend. Be vulnerable and authentic.

Don’t feel the need to prove your point. Even when you’re 99.9% sure that you’re right, tell the other person ‘ Perhaps’ or ‘You may be right’ when you’re headed towards a heated conversation.

Don’t stay in your head. It will keep you closed down and serious. Rather – take some deep breaths, smile, and focus in on entering a dialogue or ‘just being’ in the presence of another individual with the goals of listening, learning, and connecting.


A Shared Experience Creates Connection
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