“I…..say, with ceremony, ‘Thank you, God, for the gift of life.’ It is not much, but it is enough. It is an offering I make….each morning, each evening.   

None of us is promised tomorrow. Today, in all its beauty and sadness and complexity, is all we have. This light we see may be the last such day we have on this earth. There is no certainty, beyond the fact that one day we will have no tomorrow, and that it is not ours to know when that day will be…

Thank you, God, for the gift of life. Thank you, God, for the moment of light.” –  Kent Nerburn, Small Graces

Today Is A Sacred Day

Every day is a sacred day. But on this day, the 11th anniversary of 911, I feel the sacredness more.

Early this morning as I sat on my rooftop gazing at the stars and the moon, I prayed.

I prayed for the men and women who died in 911…and for their families who have had to bear a profound loss.

I prayed for a fellow student from seminary who is in the last stages of her journey in this life.

I prayed for my dearest friend and his wife whose brain is riddled with tumors.

I prayed for 2 close friends who have lost their husbands within the past 3 months.

I prayed for all human beings – that we choose to be compassionate, kind, and loving.

4 Simple Sentences: An Exercise In Love

Throughout the morning, I ‘ve been thinking about an exercise that I learned in seminary. It has the power to transform an ordinary conversation into an act of love.

Here it is.

Select a partner and sit face to face. Look deeply into each others eyes.

You say: ‘I’m here to be seen.’

Your partner says: ‘You are seen.’

You continue gazing at each other with your partner silently sending you unconditional love.

The sending and receiving of this energy lasts for 2 minutes. During this time, no words are spoken.

Then you switch roles. She states her needs and you respond with unconditional love.

In the next part of the exercise, you say:

‘I’m here to be heard.’

Your partner says: ‘You are heard.’

You continue to look at each other as your partner silently sends you unconditional love.

Then you switch roles again.

I have participated in this exercise several times. Each time, I’m in awe of the effect it has on me – the feeling of being loved, seen, and heard in a way that I have rarely experienced.

What I just described may strike you as elementary or even a silly exercise. But if you do it with someone you trust, it can be a penetrating experience which leaves a permanent imprint on your consciousness.

It gets to the essence of what we all want while on this earth: to be seen, heard, and loved unconditionally for who we really are.

And what can be more important than that?

“As we open our hearts, we come to see that there is really no difference between giving and receiving. They are just two sides of the experience because neither can exist without the other. It is like imagining breathing without both the inhaling (receiving) and the exhaling (giving). Perhaps if we had a word for the experience of giving that encompasses both aspect, we would see it for what it truly is – one act with two parts, both honorable, both crucial.” – M. J. Ryan, The Giving Heart

photo credit: Adam Foster | Codefor via photo pin cc

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