Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling that you could use a dose of nutrition for your soul?

Here are 48 Ways To Boost Spiritual Health that will help you transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

1. Wake up in the morning and give thanks for being alive

2. Look out the window and feel the magnificence of nature

3. Open the window (even a crack) and breathe in the fresh air

4. See your Godliness in the mirror while brushing your teeth

5. Have a talk with your imagination about coming out to play today

6. Prepare your morning coffee mindfully

7. Read an inspirational book for 10 minutes

8. Go for a morning run or workout

Boost Spiritual Health

Achuar children of Ecuador – Spirituality and Listening To Nature Are The Foundation Of Their Lives

9. Drink a cold glass of water (after exercising) with sweat dripping down your face

10. Close your eyes in the shower and feel the water on your body

11. Sing a song in the shower

12. Whistle while you’re getting dressed

13. Greet the kids with a hearty ‘Good Morning’ when they come running downstairs

14. Prepare a breakfast that includes fresh fruits and whole grains

15. Give thanks for the food that keeps you healthy

16. Say good bye to the kids when you drop them off at school and watch them walk away

17. Observe other individuals in cars and send them blessings for a good day

18. Look at the sky when stopping at a red light

19. Stay calm when a speeding driver crosses into your lane in front of you without any warning

20. Sit in your car for a few minutes and take some deep breaths when you arrive at work.

21. Set your intention for the day

22. Select a positive phrase that you’ll use throughout the day that will override negative thoughts

23. Smile and say ‘good morning’ to everyone you pass in the office

24. Listen to other colleagues’ opinions in meetings or conversations

25. Observe rather than talk throughout the day

26. Allow someone else to take the lead in a meeting

27. Complement a colleague or friend on something they did/said…or how they look

28. Initiate a conversation with someone with whom you’ve never spoken

29. Jot down a list of everything you accomplished in the day before leaving

30. Switch your mind off of work when you walk out the door

31. Pause before getting out of the car when you arrive home

32. Ask your ‘wiser self’ to have patience with your kids and spouse this evening

33. Question family members at dinner about their day…and listen to their responses

34. Savor each bite of food that you put in your mouth

35.  Do the dishes and clean up after dinner

36. Go for an early evening walk

37. Run your hands on the bark of a tree and feel the leaves

38. Stand still and gaze at the sky

39. Feel the movement or stillness of the earth

40. Walk inside and give thanks for your home

41. Play with your dogs or cats

42. Listen to classical music or jazz

43. Sit in silence and relax

44. Make some ‘before bed’ time with each of your children (even for a few minutes)

45. Tell each family member how much you love them

46. Give thanks for another day that you…and those close to you …have passed through

47. Feel love, compassion, and peace for all human beings on earth

48. Send healing thoughts and energy for all the wounded places on earth

Now it’s your turn.

Please share with us ways that you boost spiritual health throughout the day.


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