“The last and most important branch of non-verbal education is training in the art of spiritual insight….To know the ultimate Not-Self, which transcends the other not-selves and the ego, but which is yet closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet –this is the consummation of human life, the end and ultimate purpose of individual existence.” Aldous Huxley                                                   

This time of year, with 2 major Jewish holidays being celebrated, I spend a lot of time in reflection…thinking about the mystery of life, my values, and my beliefs that guide me in working at living a joy-filled life.

A Joy-Filled Life

Dried flowers

18 Beliefs For A Joy-Filled Life

1.   DO KNOW that kindness is one of the few things in life that matter – the rest is commentary.

2.   DO KNOW that you will always learn more from listening than talking.

3.   DO KNOW that working at being humble is worth sweating over – big time.

4.   DO KNOW that constant self promotion and participating in the culture of ‘me’ is highly overrated – and an addiction.

5.   DO KNOW that integrity to yourself and others is non-negotiable.

7.   DO KNOW that nature is the greatest teacher  – and that the earth provides.

8.   DO KNOW that solitude is a gateway to sinking deeper into the essence of who you are.

9.   DO KNOW that loving and trusting relationships are nutrition for your soul.

10. DO KNOW that it is never too late to ask for forgiveness.

11. DO KNOW that the spiritual path is non-linear and never ending.

12. DO KNOW not to beat yourself up for past actions.

13. DO KNOW not to take things personally.

14. DO KNOW that there is a time to be quiet.

15. DO KNOW that you have choices – always.

16. DO KNOW that life is filled with beauty, atrocities,  joy, grieving, pain, humor, and magic.

17. DO KNOW that you are a child of this universe – interconnected to every other living -and non-living thing.

18. DO KNOW that silently sending blessings and love into the world makes a difference.

As Ram Dass says Be Love Now

I choose love.

I choose to live a joy-filled life.

What do you choose? What DO YOU KNOW?

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